Design Technology


In Design Technology, students are encouraged to develop their creativity, imagination and resilience in the solving of real world problems leading to the production of high quality outcomes. This is achieved through imaginative teaching and learning through applied learning opportunities that embraces new technologies in our rapidly changing world, whilst retaining the best of traditional practices used in industry.  Above all we aim to encourage a respectful, creative and innovative atmosphere, which allows students to take risks and experiment in a safe and positive environment, all of which is underpinned by secure knowledge and understanding.

Curriculum overview

OBA’s Design Technology curriculum seeks to promote an educational culture which is scientific, technological and vocational within the applied learning framework of the school. In addition, this Department aims to provide the excellent practical technological, scientific and communication skills needed by our manufacturing and service industries. Thus ensuring that our pupils will be well-educated and technologically skilled, ready and able to progress into employment

Please download the learning journeys below for an overview of the content taught at OBA.