Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy is located in the town of Runcorn in the Borough of Halton in Cheshire.

The academy predominantly serves the formerly separate villages of Halton and Norton, and the new town estates of Castelfields, Palacefields, Windmill Hill, Murdishaw, Brookvale, Hallwood Park and Beechwood. Students also attend from further afield and cohorts commonly consist of children from up to 20 different primary schools.  The academy prides itself at being at the heart of this wonderful community and will always seek to serve it in the best way possible.

On entering the academy, students become a member of one of four ‘houses’, Draco, Pegasus, Ursa or Orion – named after constellations and reflecting our school motto; Lucere Aude, ‘Dare to Shine’. Belonging to a house creates a cohesive and friendly environment which helps students feel an enhanced sense of belonging.

Our motto truly reflects what we hope for, for all of our students.  We want to instil courage, ambition and a determination to succeed.  Our students will leave OBA as forward-thinking young adults who have the skills and knowledge to have a successful and rewarding life, full of choice and opportunity.  Our sponsor, our governors, our staff and our students all feel an immense sense of pride to be a part of OBA.  It is our time to shine.