RE and Philosophy


Our vision for humanities is for students to ‘discover the world.’

Within RE and philosophy at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy we achieve this by embodying the school ethos of courage and choices throughout their seven-year journey with us.

Building on this vision within RE and philosophy the curriculum is designed to inspire a curiosity for the ethical, philosophical and religious world around the students, giving them opportunities to study mirrors that reflect their own lives and windows that take them beyond their experiences.  

Throughout RE and philosophy, we show how historical and religious figures place courage and love at the centre of their ideals, and this is what we instill in our own classes, by showing students how ethical and philosophical choices have shaped our world, locally, nationally and internationally.

We ensure that students know how RE and philosophy can give knowledge and skills to make educated choices now and in the future about themselves and their communities.

Curriculum overview

Across all three key stages, religious education and philosophy is a dynamic curriculum which teaches pupils about the society and the world upon which they live. They question the beliefs, ethics and values throughout different religions, cultures and communities, by studying both the major world religions, as well as even more diverse views and beliefs, including religious and non-religious beliefs of the local community, county and country. The religious education curriculum at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy covers a range of topics following the Lancashire Locally Agreed Syllabus adopted by Halton. The students also have an opportunity to study philosophical topics, such as the problem of evil, where they can creative discuss and debate controversial topics. The RE curriculum provides pupils with the knowledge and skills required to develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural character, while engaging them with ethical and philosophical issues they may confront in the world. We help to develop the range of thinking and learning skills necessary for future learning and an opportunity to choose to further their studies with a GCSE and A level that focuses on philosophy, ethics and religion.

Please download the learning journey below for an overview of the content taught at OBA.