Draco house

Draco constellation
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  • Name: Draco (The Dragon)
  • Colour: Red
  • Head of house: Miss Porschke

Draco (pronounced DRAY-co) is large, but faint constellation, always present in the UK sky; we call these types of constellation circumpolar as they can be found circling around the North Pole. The tail of the dragon wraps around Ursa Minor (little bear/little dipper) and Polaris, the North Star.


Ancient Egyptians identified Draco as a goddess with the body of a crocodile. In Greek mythology the constellation represents many different dragons. It is often said to be ever-vigilant, fitting its circumpolar nature. In one legend the constellation represents Tiamat, an ancient Titan, who transformed herself into a dragon in a battle against the Greek gods of Olympus. In the battle Tiamat was defeated by Athena and flung into the heavens above.