To develop highly articulate and independent students who drive forward their own learning. To give students high quality teaching experiences alongside industry and real-life experiences.

Our intent in Drama is to open doors for our pupils as they move through their academic career. We believe our pupils should have the world at their feet and strive to make this a reality through access to authentic resources, strong teaching and opportunities to increase cultural capital. 

Through providing professional industry experiences with high quality teaching students are immersed, regardless of ability, in exciting and challenging learning environments that enable them to develop into well-rounded individuals. Confident and highly articulate students drive forward their own learning demonstrating the application of a range of skills and strategies in every single drama lesson. Drama has the potential to mould independent, creative and resilient students who feel confident to take risks, improve from constructive criticism and be their ultimate best.

Please download the learning journeys below for an overview of the content taught at OBA.