Year Teams

Click or tap below to view Heads of Year, SLT Link and Pastoral Support Manager, for each of the year groups from 7 to 11.

  • Head of Year: G McKevitt
  • SLT Link: S Snagg
  • Pastoral Support Manager: S Kilner
Tutor team
  • 7A: A Howard-Hildige
  • 7B: V Holmes
  • 7C: C Kendrick
  • 7D: N Clinton
  • 7E: D Mcarthur-Greenall
  • 7F: A Murray
  • 7G: D Crawley
  • 7H: L Ray
  • Head of Year: A Fenner
  • SLT Link: Z Porschke
  • Pastoral Support Manager: N Woods
Tutor team
  • 8A: L Martin
  • 8B: S McGlory
  • 8C: C Hulse
  • 8D: H Walsh
  • 8E: P Tallant
  • 8F: E Harding
  • 8G: S Miller
  • 8H: V Davies
  • Head of Year: R Roberts
  • SLT Link: J Wynne
  • Pastoral Support Manager: S Kilner and N Woods
Tutor team
  • 9A: A Dixon
  • 9B: S Williams
  • 9C: M Robinson
  • 9D: N Jackson
  • 9E: M Sutch
  • 9F: J Davies
  • 9G: K Wainwright
  • 9H: J Barrett
  • Head of Year: R Dutton
  • SLT Link: M Oakes
  • Pastoral Support Manager: G Gillespie
Tutor team
  • 10A: C Dooley
  • 10B: E Jaynes
  • 10C: K Cleverly and J Finnigan
  • 10D: J King
  • 10E: J Houslay
  • 10F: B Lacey
  • 10G: J Farrelly and M Buckley
  • 10H: B Middleton
  • Head of Year: N Hasty
  • SLT Link: C Fitzgerald
  • Pastoral Support Manager: G Gillespie
Tutor team
  • 11A: L Reid
  • 11B: J McMaster
  • 11C: B Clemençon
  • 11D: S Murphy and M Bates
  • 11E: A Lowery
  • 11F: A Muldoon
  • 11G: S Smyth
  • 11H: C Milne