At Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy every student and member of staff becomes part of one of our four houses. They remain in their house throughout their time with us. The house system was restructured in 2020 from five houses named after writers, to four named after constellations. The restructure came as a result of our increased number on roll. Each house now has two forms from each year group.

The aims of the house system are as follows:

  1. To develop a culture of teamwork and collaborative learning through shared effort and experience.
  2. To develop an all-important sense of individual and collective commitment.
  3. To promote leadership opportunities for our pupils.
  4. To provide a fun and competitive programme of events over the academic year, culminating in the annual award of the Championship House Trophy to the winning house.

The house names were chosen by OBA students following an online poll. Constellations was chosen as a theme that links to our school motto: Lucere Aude – Dare to Shine. The houses of Draco, Orion, Pegasus and Ursa were then voted for by students from a list of ten constellations.

The houses

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Draco constellation

The houses, their structure, colours and respective identities

Each house is led by a head of house who is a member of the SLT. They are assisted by another member of staff on a voluntary basis. Houses will also appoint students to have captaincy roles. The house leadership teams meet once each half term to discuss house business. 

House assemblies take place each half-term with the aim of encouraging participation in the competition. Assemblies will have an emphasis on motivation, enthusiasm and pride. House display areas will be maintained around the school.

Yearly house events

Dates will be made known half a term in advance.

Sports Christmas quizSports maths magiciansports day spelling bee
(TBC) Debating, art, drama, music, dance, science, Spanish, humanities