Our vision for humanities is for students to ‘discover the world.’

Within history at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy we achieve this by embodying the school ethos of courage and choices throughout their seven-year journey with us.

This subject fosters a love and passion for the breadth of the history that shaped our society and the world; illustrating individuals who courageously made decisions that changed our world.

Throughout history we show how figures placed courage at the centre of their ideals, and this is what we instil in our own classes, showing students both a mirror into their lives and a window to take them beyond their experiences.

We ensure that students know how choices have shaped our world, locally, nationally and internationally and the role they play in carrying that legacy on, by giving them knowledge and skills to make educated choices now and in the future about themselves and their communities.

Through our seven-year journey, we provide every student with the opportunity to confidently discuss opinions and controversies on British and world history.

Curriculum overview

Throughout all three key stages, a broad and ambitious history curriculum has been created to share critical historical knowledge, granting them a deeper understanding of the political, cultural and social makings of the modern world and develops students’ ability to critically think about different sources, events and individuals, even so far as to apply this to their prospective and positive futures. Students are given an opportunity to study both British and international history across all seven years, through a chronological curriculum of British history that focuses on the turning points from the Romans to the modern world, as well as wider, more global turning points, such as the Holocaust and civil rights. The department runs a host of enrichments and interventions to support students preparing for examinations, as well as to widen their understanding of the subject, through clubs such as, the archaeology club and a history in film club.

Please download the learning journey below for an overview of the content taught at OBA.