Discover the complexities of the mind and behaviour.

  1. To inspire curiosity to discover insights into human behaviour.
  2. To develop a genuine care, respect and empathy for individual’s with psychological needs.
  3. To nurture a sincere desire, determination and resilience to support individuals; to reduce the stigma associated with mental well-being.
  4. To support students to have courage when engaging with real-life dilemmas and make ambitious career choices.

Curriculum overview

Psychology is the scientific study of human mind and behaviour. Learning more about human thoughts and actions is essential to support future generations to flourish. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year in England. This has led the UK Government to invest resources in people. Public Health England launched a major new mental health campaign, called Every Mind Matters, in 2019. Studying psychology, therefore, is vital to develop a genuine care, respect and support for all human life.

This qualification offers an engaging and effective, in-depth introduction to the fascinating world of psychology. Students will explore the reasons for human thought and behaviour and develop skills in research, application and critical analysis. Communication and independent research skills are also enhanced as we discuss current and engaging real-world dilemmas. As a result, students become very supportive lead learners who thrive working independently and with peers. Opportunities to undertake new ventures by planning projects investigating individuals and society creates initiative, with staff support readily available if needed. These aptitudes support our students to flourish in their future careers and lives.


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