Sociology vision: ‘Discover hidden issues in society’

  1. To inspire inquisitiveness in how society shapes our lives.
  2. To examine changes in society and what future challenges we face.
  3. To enable students to reflect upon events in our local community and world to encourage discussion about how values and policies have shaped our lives.
  4. To support students to have courage when engaging with real-world dilemmas and make ambitious career choices.

Curriculum overview

Sociology is the systematic approach to thinking about, studying, and understanding society, human social behaviour and social groups. Studying sociology offers an insight into the people and the world around us. If you find yourself thinking about why the world is the way it is, then sociology will have something to say to you. Sociology enables you to understand and reflect upon events that are going on around you all of the time; encouraging you to question common sense assumptions about the world, and find out what some of the great thinkers of society have to say about it.

The world in which we live is rapidly changing; it causes us to be inquisitive about how our lives will evolve and what future challenges we will face as a society. Sociology enables us to reflect upon events that are going on around us; encouraging discussion of common-sense assumptions about the world. Sociology develops our understanding of how British values and policies have shaped our lives. For instance, in our local surroundings, there is a vast range of policies and plans that Halton Borough Council have designed to support and improve lives.

Please download the learning journeys below for an overview of the content taught at OBA.