Orion house

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  • Name: Orion (The Hunter)
  • Colour: Green
  • Head of house: Mrs Fitzgerald

Orion (pronounced oh-RYE-un) is one of the most easily identifiable constellations. Orion is one of the few constellations that is visible from everywhere on Earth. It is visible in the UK in the winter months from October through to April by looking south. Orion contains more bright stars than any other constellation and it also contains the sky’s brightest stellar nebular – the birthplace of new stars – located just below “Orion’s Belt” on the celestial equator.


Although there is no central account of Orion’s life in Greek mythology, stories about Orion are woven into many Greek legends. In one myth, Orion boasted that he was such a great hunter that he was a match for any beast. The goddess Hera decided to teach him a lesson and sent a tiny scorpion (Scorpio) to sting him. Orion crushed the scorpion, but only after he was fatally stung. The pair were both placed in the sky as a reminder of the cost of hubris. Canis Major and Minor – two other prominent constellations – are said to be Orion’s hunting dogs, while Taurus – another constellation – is said to be his quarry.