Assessment and Reporting

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy aims to maintain a continuous dialogue, with parents and students, in order to develop excellent relationships that we believe ensure successful progress through the academy. A significant aspect of this dialogue is the regular reporting to parents of the academic progress of their child in each curriculum area and this occurs termly.

Aspirational target setting and monitoring though a variety of carefully planned assessment opportunities enable staff to closely monitor students’ progress as they move through the academy. Key Stage 3 and 4 have targets set for the end of the key stage and teachers will report on their progress made.

Subject teachers provide an overall assessment grade that each student is working at, based on the assessment evidence collected alongside an effort grade for the subject. This information is reported to parents together with the expected grade and, where necessary, an indication of behavior, homework and equipment are recorded to inform parents if there is a cause for concern.

Parents are invited to contact the students’ year leader if they wish to discuss the contents of the report in further detail.

In addition to these termly reports, at one point within the academic year, parents will be provided with a detailed report of the curriculum that students have been studying and their child’s progress within each subject area. Parents and students are invited to attend the annual progress evening event; thus providing an opportunity to discuss the contents of the report with each subject teacher.

Parents have informed us that they appreciate the opportunity to meet subject teachers and find that they are able to gain a greater understanding of their child’s progress in the different curriculum areas. This is also an ideal forum for parents, students and teachers to agree next steps targets that will ensure that the student continues to make excellent progress.

For an explanation of the Key Stage 4 Progress Report, please see the below download.