Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy.  I am delighted to introduce myself as the principal at this true community school. We are proud of our place in the community and will always seek to serve it as best we can.

OBA is on a rapid journey to improvement with committed and caring staff; we hold the students at the heart of everything we do.  We value parental support and encourage you to be actively involved in your child’s education.

Our motto – Lucere Aude (Dare To Shine) – truly reflects what we hope for, for all of our students. We want to instil confidence, ambition and a determination to succeed. Our students will leave OBA as forward-thinking young adults who have the skills and knowledge to have a successful and rewarding life, full of opportunity. Our sponsor, our governors, our staff and our students all feel an immense sense of pride to be a part of OBA. It is our time to shine.

K Evans, Principal