Discover the intricacies of the legal system when considering criminal, civil, contract and human rights law and understand the way the law influences real life scenarios.

  1. To discover the range of ways in which laws are created and enforced within society
  2. To develop analytical skills in order to take a practical approach to the world
  3. To become inquisitive and make informed decisions to contribute to the betterment of society
  4. To equip students with transferable competences to assist further advancement beyond academia

Curriculum overview

Studying Law enables students to research and review the different laws that govern society. The Law’s purpose is to govern acceptable behaviour and actions in many aspects of life. It is subject to change as society alters its values and norms, meaning that our own very lives have a strong influence in the future of the Law.

This A Level offers students the opportunity to explore many aspects of human life. It gives them the opportunity to understand the context of political, economic, global, and domestic issues facing the UK. Students will sharpen their minds, strengthen their understanding of Law, legal systems and deepen their experience at A level. Law develops both abstract thinking and practical problem-solving skills as well as transferable skills (analysis, evaluation, critical thinking, extended writing.)

The Law curriculum at OBA follows the AQA A Level, completing units on the English Legal System, the Nature of Law, Criminal Law, the Law of Tort and Contract Law. The curriculum has been designed to engage, inspire and promote a love of learning about the Law and ensuring students gain a real-world experience of Law by studying real life cases and giving insight into world issues. Law students will develop their literacy skills through case work and extended writing as well as the application of legal rules and principles to present an argument, and to analyse and evaluate the law, legal issues (cases) and legal concepts (morality, rules, justice.)