1. Discover the intricacies of criminality and the criminal justice system.
  2. Discover the range of influences individuals face and how this impacts personal choices.
  3. Develop an understanding and respect of culture and laws across the world.
  4. Become inquisitive about societal ‘norms’.
  5. Support students to have courage when engaging with real-life dilemmas and make ambitious career choices.

Curriculum overview

Criminology is the study of why crime occurs. In the year ending September 2023 there were 13,140 incidents of crime in Halton, which is equivalent to 0.3% of England’s total crime incidents for that year. Whilst this number may appear low, not all crime is reported nor recorded leaving a ‘dark figure’ of crime.

This A Level equivalent covers a range of theories of why individuals commit crimes, as well as how society manages crime. Criminology is an interdisciplinary subject which means that it draws on psychological, sociological, and biological theories as well as looking at how crime is dealt with by law and by governments. Acquiring and using independent research skills, we examine real life crimes and criminals and analyse the potential causes – suggesting reasonable outcomes based on the individual circumstances. This supports personal development as students begin to recognise the way in which the society around them is formed and maintained and how accountability is held for people’s actions.