Expectations of Conduct

At OBA Sixth Form we have high expectations of all of our students. When joining the Sixth Form you will be seen as role model by the lower school students, therefore how you conduct yourself with regards to, attendance, punctuality, behaviour and  dress is of the upmost importance. Following the expatiations and outlines set out in the below and attached will enable you to be a successful student with us at the Sixth Form.


  • Follow all Sixth Form rules and expectations
  • Respect our Sixth Form, its facilities and equipment
  • Use the bins provided in the Sixth Form areas and around the academy
  • Smoke only off site, away from the academy building
  • Celebrate that people are different
  • Be polite and treat others how you’d like to be treated


  • Attend all lessons ensuring you are punctual
  • Be prepared for lessons with all equipment required
  • Use appropriate language throughout the academy building and in lessons
  • Dress appropriately, following the dress code

Ready to learn

  • Strive to be the best
  • Be motivated and determined to succeed
  • Ensure all work is submitted on time and to the best of your ability, without any plagiarism


  • Make yourself stand out
  • Have confidence in your own abilities
  • Ask for support and help when needed
  • Dare to shine!


  • Follow all the rules of the academy and Sixth Form
  • Arrive on time for 8:30 every morning
  • Mobile phones should not be used at all in the corridors (they should only be used in the study room, canteen and common room)
  • Only eat and drink (except water) in the designated areas

I understand that breaking the following rules will result in swift disciplinary action which may mean that I am asked to leave Sixth Form.

  • Do not bring alcohol or illegal substances into Sixth Form, or be under the influence of these while in Sixth Form or taking part in external activities.
  • Do not bring knives, or anything which could be used as an offensive weapon, into Sixth Form or on transport.
  • Do not fight, be aggressive, bully, harass, threaten or intimidate others in any way. This includes the use of social networking sites, emails, texts and phone calls.