Summer School

All students starting at OBA are invited to take part in an exciting summer school programme. For a full week in August, students have the opportunity to boost and stretch their maths and literacy levels as well taking part in a wide range of fun recreational activities.

Activities include multi-sports, computer science, textiles, music, swimming, trampolining, arts and crafts, dance, drama and cooking and even a trip to TenPin Bowl in Warrington. 135 of our new Year 7 students took part in the week-long programme this year (August 2021) with over 120 children attending every day!

100% of students who completed the survey at the end of the week said they had enjoyed summer school and 100% stated that they would recommend attending summer school to future students joining the academy.

Not only is summer school a great way to get to know new people and make new friends, it also gives children the chance to get to know some teachers and familiarise themselves with the school building.

Details for the August 2022 summer school will be posted here.